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First Steps Day Nurseries

Playing and learning in a safe, fun environment

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First Steps I - Barfleur
For further details and photos of the Barfleur site please download the Barfleur Brochure
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Baby Room Details

The baby room is situated at the front of the property to keep it separated from the other 2 rooms and facilitate quiet time. It has a soft-PVC area for meal times and a slightly deeper carpet otherwise. It is backed up by a separate sleep area which is curtained off and can be darkened. 

Toddler Room Details

The Toddler room is situated at the back of the property. It is fully carpeted and provides direct access to the garden. A wide selection of toys and arts/craft materials is available for use in this room and the walls are used to display the children's work.
Pre-School Room Details

A large purpose built room is used for the Pre-School. It is fully carpeted and provides direct access to the garden.
Sets of tables and chairs allow for more structured activities, there's a small aquarium with fish which the children care for, and a variety of both general and educational toys and displays.